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Unleash the Ride: Mearth S Electric Scooter, Your Entry to Effortless Commuting in the Kiwi Sunshine

The Lightest in Class

Embark on a journey of convenience and sustainability with Mearth New Zealand, the latest expansion of Mearth Australia. As the warm weather welcomes us to December 2023, seize the opportunity to explore the world of electric scooters. Dive into the features of the Mearth S Electric Scooter, an advanced entry-level ride that promises joy, ease, and the lightest commuting experience. Discover why the Kiwi summer is the perfect time to embrace the freedom of an electric scooter.

In the realm of electric scooters, weight matters. The Mearth S stands as the epitome of lightness, ensuring effortless portability and compact convenience. Navigate the city with ease and style, making your daily commute a breeze.

The Mearth S Advantage

Discover why the Mearth S Electric Scooter is the preferred choice:

Lightweight and Portable:

Weighing just 12.5 kg, the Mearth S is the lightest among all series. Its 8.5-inch wheels ensure effortless maneuverability, making it the perfect companion for urban adventures.

Powerful Motor:

With a rated power of 350 W and a max output power of 750 W burst, the Mearth S delivers a dynamic and responsive performance, ensuring a smooth ride on varied terrains.

Hot-Swappable Battery:

The 180 Wh battery is not only powerful but also hot-swappable, allowing you to extend your journey seamlessly. Quick swap, and you're ready to roll.

Swift Charging:

Charge your e-scooter in just 3-4 hours, spending less time charging and more time enjoying your ride.

Impressive Speed and Range:

Reach a maximum speed of 32 kph and cover a distance of 15-25 km on a single charge. The Mearth S is not just a scooter; it's a reliable companion for your daily commute.

Kiwi Sunshine and Riding Joy: A Perfect Match

Savoring the Kiwi Summer

As New Zealand warms up in December 2023, there's no better time to embrace the electric scooter experience. The Mearth S promises not just a commute but a journey filled with joy and the crisp breeze of the Kiwi summer.

Safety First: Empowering Youthful Riders

Safety and Training: A Parent's Peace of Mind

Parents, rest assured that the Mearth S is designed with safety in mind. Proper training and a teenager's understanding of responsibility and street laws are paramount. Instill confidence in your young rider with a scooter that prioritizes safety.

Mearth S Electric Scooter is not just a mode of transportation; it's a lifestyle. Embrace the simplicity, enjoy the convenience, and ride with confidence. Visit our homepage for more information and secure your Mearth S today. With only a few stocks left, don't miss the chance to be part of the electric revolution. Ride on, Mearth enthusiasts!

Ride the Future with Mearth S Electric Scooter

Ready to elevate your commuting experience? Come on and ride the future with Mearth.