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This Is How They Do It: E-Scooter Safety Riding Tips in New Zealand

This Is How They Do It: E-Scooter Safety Riding Tips in New Zealand


The red light is flashing. Danger, danger. 

Don’t ignore the signs. Stop when necessary. Don’t assume the oncoming vehicle will give way or clear the road for you. 

Sure, riding an electric scooter is fun and exciting, in fact, it is liberating. Oh yes! But at the same time it can also be very dangerous, if you don’t follow the safety tips that’s part of a directive from the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) for the safety and well-being of all commuters, drivers and, those who use mobility devices, including e-scooter riders as well. 

Here are the most important safety tips that Mearth, the pioneer in Australian top-performing, high-quality, top-tier, well-loved, and renowned electric scooters shares to all e-scooter riders. They are basic, sensible rules to remember, and more importantly, follow to the letter. As a rider, you need to comply, so you will have no problem staying safe while enjoying your ride to freedom and enjoyment.


1. Understand clearly, and obey the local traffic laws

This is a given. Every country has its own set of traffic laws, know and understand those local road rules before you use your e-scooter and ride into the wide roads. Again, this pre-emptive way of avoiding possible problems on the road. While you don’t need a license to drive the electric scooter, it would be best to remember all that you need to know and stay safe.


2. Wear a helmet and other protective equipment. This is not an option.

Due to the rising incidents of road accidents, the government has taken action, calling on riders to use an appropriate helmet and protective equipment during their rides as part of a precautionary measure for the safety of riders.


3. Focus and always look ahead, in front

Careless, negligent, and irresponsible actions often, and frequently result in injuries, or accidents. It doesn’t matter if it’s minor or fatal. 

Lack of focus, being easily distracted are often the causes. Riders should look in front, ahead when using the e-scooter. Even if riding at the allowable speed you can easily hit bystanders by accident, even if it is unintended. The mishap may be avoided by paying attention to the road and what’s in front of you. It’s a big no-no, taking selfies, photos or videos while riding. Too late to notice, an accident may have already occured. There’s nothing wrong in appreciating nature or scenic spots. If you want to take pictures or videos, or perhaps take in glorious moment, just stop – in a safe area where you can take the time to capture memories or be in the flow of the moment. 


4. You must slow down if you see wet or uneven surfaces ahead

The adrenalin rush might be the stimulus to want to go on a high speed, but this is where riders can lose control. It is always a good thing to slow down if the surface or the road ahead is quite challenging – wet, slippery, have potholes, cracked, or uneven. What’s there to worry, if you reach your destination a bit later, and you are able to arrive safe and sound. Isn’t that what matters most?

Remember - don’t attempt to ride in the rain or storm and don’t tread on a wet road or a puddle. It is almost always slippery and you know, one slip is all it takes to be injured or get into a life-threatening situation, an accident, or a collision. 


5. Be sure to fully charge your e-scooter before riding it, whether it’s for a short trip or a long ride

It’s just being practical and mindful. You would want to ensure that you have a full battery when you go commuting or on a longer ride, to avoid stopping in the middle of the road or getting stranded, far from your intended destination. Surely, the last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere inconvenient, without any battery. Besides, t does makes sense to charge the e-scooter adequately. You will have smooth ride till the end of your trip.


6. Check your tyres and your brakes often

This can be avoided, but if this happens, replace them soonest. So, again, this a preventive measure to avoid future hassles you don’t need to experience while riding. The best thing to do is to double check them and see if everything is okay. In case, the tyres are flat or need to be replaced, likewise in the case of faulty brakes, you will have enough time to do so, as fast as you can.

In conclusion, the best incentive one can gain from using an electric scooter is knowing for sure – the areas, paths you are allowed to ride on safely, the freedom and carefree feeling one experiences everytime, unencumbered, the practicality and accessibility of having one -- for tasks, errands, and leisure or adventure.  

Bear in mind that being able to ride an electric scooter is a privilege that bears responsibility and accountability. Enjoy the trip. Ride safely.