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Spray Paint Your Mearth E-Scooter in Vivid Hues

Hey! Why not pause for a sec and imagine your world becomes sprayed with stunning colors? Oh yes, it is very much possible because Mearth, Australia’s leading and well-loved electric scooter brand just got into a vibrant collab with Spray.Bike


Mearth E-scooters, in collaboration with Spray.Bike will be giving away the FIRST EVER custom-painted electric scooter! Something like this has never happened before, and this could be your chance to get your own super cool, limited edition Mearth x Spray.Bike Custom E-scooter! 


Spray.Bike’s groundbreaking range of bicycle-specific color coating is designed for both amateur and professionals. Spray.Bike lets all Mearth e-scooter owners get this opportunity to dash in and dash over there exhilarating sprays of long-lasting colors. No more drab days! Repair, restore, refresh – and customize your ride with Spray.Bike paints. Create a fashion statement. Be inspired and be daring as you choose your color and that’s just as individual as you are, using Spray.Bike paint. No need to worry - the dry matte powder coating doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way.


Just color as you please and and happily customize your ride on the Mearth S commuter electric scooter -- dubbed as an entry-level electric scooter, hardworking and efficient. Perfect for city riding, because it's designed with the rider’s safety and practicality in mind. Lightweight and compact, the beginner rider gains confidence riding the S electric scooter, as they feel their way, leisurely traveling within city limits. The pleasant discovery make this model convenient for newbie commuters. The Mearth S weighs only12.5 kg and boasts an easy, quick-folding mechanism which makes it easy to fold and unfold the e-scooter, carry them anywhere, and later store in a small space. It also features a rear disc brake, which is enough for its top speed. The swappable battery system enables riders to extend their trips as long as they need. Carrying multiple batteries allows you to double or triple your range, whenever and wherever. Impressive indeed! 


For Instagram users, just follow these 3-easy steps to join:

1.) Follow @mearthscooters, @Au.Spray.Bike and @Spray.Bike Official Instagram Pages
2.) Tag 3 of your Instagram friends under this post
3.) Share this post on your Instagram story and tag us!


For FB subscribers, follow this 3 easy steps to join:

1.) Like Mearth and Spray.Bike’s Official Facebook Pages
2.) Tag 3 of your FB friends under this post
3.) Share this post and tell us why you should win this brand new electric scooter! (the post must be set on public so FB admin can see).


👉All of the steps will be verified on the day of the draw.
👉Winner must reside in Australia and provide an Australian postal address for receipt of prize.
👉The contest runs from November 14 to December 14, 2022.
👉The lucky winner will be announced on December 19, 2022.


Spray.Bike paint is a dry matte powder coating that doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way. For more details, follow Spray.Bike on Instagram or visit their website here.

For more details, check out Mearth S’ specs here or our official website.