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Speeding Up in an Electric Scooter

Speeding Up in an Electric Scooter

Personal mobility gadgets like electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as commuters look for the most effective e-ride. Along with it, the issue of speed frequently comes up, and people are demanding to know if it can keep up with conventional vehicles because if not, why should they shift?


With the recent expansion of Mearth Australia to its newest market in New Zealand, it will now answer the need for speed for its customers. Mearth knows best because it is in the forefront of providing thrilling and smooth electric riding experiences for all types of riders. In fact, Mearth New Zealand has what it takes to provide this nation with the same wide selection of models Mearth Australia has. At Mearth, we have everything made to suit different speed needs from across its four strong, fast electric scooter models.


The Need for Speed

Speed is a key factor in assessing the usability and attraction of electric scooters because it allows for quicker travel, shorter commutes, and more flexibility while traversing urban surroundings. We always want to get to our destination quicker but still with safety in mind. Higher speeds can be especially useful for people who have lengthier daily commutes because they can travel farther in less time. Mearth has just the right e-scooter for each speed you need, we’ll get to that in a bit.


But if you’re the type to stay on the very safe side, this is possible too with the Mearth entry-level e-scooters. These move at a slower, more leisurely speed.


Mearth offer’s four different electric scooter series, each one specifically designed to satisfy a different need, Mearth is here to deliver its expertise and vast range of products to a wider audience. Let's learn more about each of them.


Mearth S Series

The entry-level Mearth S series comprises 2 different electric scooters: the classic Mearth S and the advanced Mearth S Pro. But both are capable of reaching speeds up to 32 km/h. With this speed, the Mearth S can go as far as 25 km while the Mearth S Pro can go even farther at 45 km. This series provides the most portability being the lightest series in the Mearth collection. The Mearth S series is best suitable for beginners even as young as 14 and up and urban commuters seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.


Mearth RS Series

The Mearth RS series  also comprises 2 different electric scooters: the classic Mearth RS and the advanced Mearth RS Pro. But for this long-range e-scooter, the speed limit is elevated to 40 km/h, catering to thrill-seeking riders who desire a greater range and slightly higher speeds. The Mearth RS can go as far as 65 km while the Mearth RS Pro can go 100 km. With extended battery life and enhanced power, the RS series electric scooters are designed for those craving longer adventures and increased versatility.


Mearth GTS Evo Series

For enthusiasts who crave high-performance electric scooters, the blood-rushing, adrenaline-pumping kind, the Mearth GTS Evo series delivers exceptional speed and power. With two models available, the classic Mearth GTS Evo can go as fast as 45 km/h and the Mearth GTS Evo Max reaching an impressive 70 km/h, these scooters are built for exhilarating rides and superior performance. With these speeds, the Mearth GTS Evo can run a range of 70 km while the Mearth GTS Evo Max goes as far as 100 km. There’s no such thing as limited with these high-powered e-scooters.


Mearth Cyber

The latest addition to Mearth's lineup that was just launched at the beginning of 2023 is the Mearth Cyber, an extra high-performance smart e-scooter capable of reaching a remarkable speed of 75 km/h and can run a range of 75 km. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Cyber offers a thrilling and futuristic riding experience. Additionally, the Mearth Cyber is so advanced it is equipped with Anti-Theft Technology that allows you to set-up a password for your e-scooter so that it would only start at your command.


Choosing Mearth, the Right Electric Scooter for You

Mearth New Zealand guarantees Kiwis that there is an electric scooter model to fit every rider's demands by offering a wide selection of them that is available. Mearth, a significant player in the market, is aware of the significance of the demand for speed, long-range capabilities, or innovative features and provides a broad series that meets a range of needs. Each model, from the entry-level Mearth S series to the high-performance Mearth Cyber, is made to offer a smooth and thrilling ride. More riders will have access to these outstanding electric scooters thanks to Mearth Australia's entrance into New Zealand, improving their daily commute and fostering a greener future. After all, speed plays a vital role in the world of electric scooters and affects the overall riding experience.