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Part 1: Popular Locations, Routes, and Landmarks in New Zealand for E-scooterists

Popular locations, routes, and landmarks in New Zealand for e-scooterists

Trivia: (Part 1)

It cannot be ignored – even then, and even now, electric scooters are steadily gaining in popularity in New Zealand. First, as a convenient, fast, eco-friendly electric scooter, and second, as a fun, no-stress way of making short or extended trips.  

The good thing here is that these two-wheeled rideables can be used on roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, and shared paths, as long as e-scooterists follow the same rules and regulations as bicycles.  

Speaking of fun, did you know that Auckland is the most popular location for e-scooter riders in New Zealand?

Small wonder, since Auckland is the largest and a highly populated city. Assuming that each user rides their electric scooter at least once a week on average, it can be estimated that these users accounted for at least 6.2 million rides in Auckland in 2022 alone. 

Although the actual number of electric scooter rides in Auckland in said year is may either be higher or lower than the estimate given, as it is dependent on several factors -- electric scooter usage, frequency and duration of rides, changes in season and weather conditions, including amendments in regulation and the infrastructure. 

Moving forward, to those who want to go beyond the usual trip, here are routes and sights in New Zealand that will make one’s electric scooter journey breathtaking, memorable and enjoyable --


Auckland*Auckland, also known as the "City of Sails" due to its many harbours and marinas, is where sailing is a popular sport and recreation. Auckland has a diverse and vibrant culture, with a mix of European, Māori, Pacific, and Asian influences. Auckland offers many attractions and activities for e-scooter riders, such as museums, art galleries, parks, gardens, markets, festivals, and night life.


*The most popular route for e-scooter rides in New Zealand is the Auckland waterfront that stretches from the Harbour Bridge to the Wynyard Quarter. The waterfront offers stunning views of the Waitematā Harbour and the city skyline, as well as attractions such as the Viaduct Basin, the Maritime Museum, and the Silo Park. The a scenic waterfront is also home to many restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops that cater to different tastes and budgets, and is a great place to enjoy the sun, sea, and breeze on an e-scooter.

*The Sky Tower is another famous landmark for e-scooter rides in New Zealand. It’s a 328-meter tall observation and telecommunications tower that dominates the Auckland skyline. The Sky Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere, offering panoramic views of the city and beyond from its three viewing platforms. The Sky Tower’s attractions are a revolving restaurant, a casino, a hotel, and a sky jump attraction for thrill-seekers. Indeed, it is a must-see attraction for e-scooter riders who want to experience the height of this city.

Wait, there’s more…

Other popular places that e-scooter riders frequent include Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Queenstown, Napier, Tauranga, Palmerston North, and Nelson. 

*Hamilton has several attractions and landmarks that are related to the Waikato River, such as the Hamilton Gardens, the Waikato Museum, the Hamilton Lake Domain, and the Hamilton Zoo, and Hamilton Bridge. The city also hosts several events and festivals that celebrate the river and its culture, such as the Balloons over Waikato Festival, the Great Race Rowing Regatta, and the Matariki Festival.Hamilton Gardens: A conceptual garden that showcases the history and culture of different civilizations through the themed gardens. A must-see for anyone who loves nature and appreciate art. Explore the gardens inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, English, and Maori traditions, as well as modern and futuristic designs. Each garden has its own unique features, such as sculptures, fountains, pavilions, bridges, and plants. 


Hamilton Lake Domain is a popular park that surrounds Lake Rotoroa, a natural lake in the heart of Hamilton. The park offers a variety of activities for visitors, like walking, jogging, cycling, picnicking, boating, fishing, and bird watching. The park also has a playground, a cafe, a water sports center, and a boardwalk. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the lake views. 


Hamilton Zoo is a wildlife sanctuary that house over 600 animals from around the world. There are exotic species to see -- giraffes, zebras, rhinos, cheetahs, tigers, lemurs, and red pandas. Guided tours, keeper talks and animal encounters are available to those who want to learn more about the animals and their habitats. For animal lovers of all ages, the Hamilton zoo is a fun and educational place to go to. 


Waikato River Trail


Waikato River Trail, a scenic trail that follows the Waikato River for 100 km (62 miles) passes through farmland, native forest, wetlands, and historic sites. Visitors can walk, bike, or kayak along the trail and enjoy the views of the river and its surroundings. Exciting attractions include the Arapuni Suspension Bridge, the Jim Barker Memorial Reserve, the Maraetai Dam, and the Whakamaru Hydro Station. 

Waikato River
 is the longest river in New Zealand, running for 425 kilometres (264 miles) through the central North Island. It rises on the eastern slopes of Mount Ruapehu, joining the Tongariro River system and flowing through Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake. It then drains Taupo at the lake's northeastern edge, creates the Huka Falls, and flows northwest through the Waikato Plains. It then empties into the Tasman Sea south of Auckland, at Port Waikato. The Waikato River is not only a natural feature but also a cultural symbol for many New Zealanders. It is associated with several cities and towns along its course, such as Taupo, Rotorua, Cambridge, Hamilton, and Ngaruawahia.  

*Tauranga is a coastal city in the Bay of Plenty region and the fifth most populous city of New Zealand, with an urban population of 158,300 as of June 2022. Tauranga lies in the north-western corner of the Bay of Plenty, on the south-eastern edge of Tauranga Harbour. Tauranga is a city that has a lot of beaches and sunshine, which can make electric scooter riding fun and refreshing. Some of the popular places to ride electric scooters in Tauranga are Mount Maunganui Beach, Pilot Bay, Papamoa Beach, McLaren Falls Park, and The Strand. The city is one of New Zealand's main centers for business, international trade, culture, fashion and horticultural science. The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand's largest port.

(to be continued...)