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Mearth S Entry Level Electric Scooter


MEARTH S 2023 edition is guilty, rocking the e-scooter world with its entry-level, but eye-catching and sturdy, commuter e-scooter – ever since it was launched in New Zealand recently.

Mearth is a homegrown Australian electric scooter brand that is popular and well-loved by many, especially its innumerable satisfied users. 
Mearth S is an affordable, eco-friendly transportation alternative that a beginner who is wanting to, or has begun learning to ride this entry-level electric scooter will surely become an enjoyable riding companion to fill the basic needs of it rider.

Mearth S is not just your typical entry-level, commuter e-scooter. Therefore, it cannot be classified as just basic as it boasts of features that has been the delight of innumerable riders – from the first-timers, the newbies learning to ride, as well as the commuters who have easily taken to it, embraced it, for the ease of use, functionality and efficiency. What’s more, the Mearth S e-scooter is easy to maneuver and navigate.

Whether the purpose is to go to a short errand, meeting, work, or a date, the promise never fails – arriving quickly at one’s appointment or destination is achieving on-time efficiency that redounds to productivity and expectations met, each time.

The bonus are the savings and being able to actively take part in the call for a cleaner environment. No need too, to gas up each time, as the electric scooter runs on lithium –ion battery which has very nil cost to electric bill. As such, it contributes to zero emission.

The rider can swiftly weave in and out of the idle traffic and arrive cool, fresh, and on time to where he/she is supposed to go. Tough yet fun, reliable, top-performing, this e-scooter is loaded with exciting features:

As you take your sweet time to check out the specs, features and details of the Mearth S, you will truly appreciate why the eighteeners and up are really taking keen interest on the Mearth S brand, and why.

Mearth SMearth S is dubbed as an entry-level electric scooter that’s perfect for those who are getting their lively feel of freedom.

Moreover, Mearth S is your high-performance everyday electric scooter. It is a durable, lightweight, foldable scooter that’s powerful enough for daily commutes. If you’re looking for a portable e-scooter, this is one of the lightest and most compact scooters that you can find on the market.

Overall, the Mearth S is designed to make traveling more convenient and longer for all riders. Being a high-performing, pioneer entry-level commuter electric scooter, it boasts the following features:

Motor: Equipped with a 350W brushless DC motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of up to 25km/h with ease.

Top Speed: With a maximum speed of 25 kph, but you can still increase your speed up to 32 kph. It also has three-speed modes namely Eco, Standard, and Sports. But you must know your state’s speed limit for electric scooters before heading out on the road.

Battery: Its 180 Wh battery also features a replaceable battery system. You can switch batteries and extend the range of your travel to another 25 km. The batteries are portable and light enough to carry inside a backpack. Charging the battery to full only takes 2 to 4 hours.

Range: It has a maximum range of 25 km in a single charge and enables you to swap batteries so you can extend your trip to another 25 km. As long as you have enough batteries with you, it’s enough to go wherever you need to go.

Hill Climbing: The Mearth S can climb an uphill of up to 15 degrees in slope. The scooter will slow down a bit as it goes uphill, but it will depend on the speed you’re going and your weight.

Weight and portability: Weighing in at just 12.5kg, lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect mode of transportation for those who need to travel short distances.

Riding Experience: Equipped with a front suspension system and pneumatic tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces.

Compact Design: Features a compact design that makes it easy to store and transport, even in small spaces.

Safety Features: Comes with a rear disc brake and an LED headlight, providing added safety and visibility while riding.

Tires: It features 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that give just enough suspension for a comfortable ride.

Without a doubt, the Mearth S is a lightweight, compact, portable, foldable electric scooter designed for teens, ages 18 and above, and adults too. Proven time and again, Mearth S offers convenience and safety, without compromise. It has a reliable disc brake system to help protect you in your ride, everytime.

Specifications & Features:
  • 👉 Perfect for city riding
  • 👉 Default speed : 25 k/h
  • 👉 Top Speed : 32 kph
  • 👉 Battery: 180WH
  • 👉 Charging time: 3-4hrs
  • 👉 Typical Range: 15-25Km
  • 👉 Max Range : 25 km
  • 👉 Modes: 3 speed modes – Eco, standard, and sports
  • 👉 Weight: 12.5kg
  • 👉 Wheel Diameter: 8.5”
  • 👉 Max Load : 110 kg



    • 👉 Lightweight, compact and portable
    • 👉 New red wheels for easy distinction/recognition
    • 👉 New brushless motor 8x for more efficient yet same power consumption
    • 👉 Replaceable battery system
    • 👉 More power output for farther distance
    • 👉 New Connection pin design to link battery to e-scooter
    • 👉 New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery
    • 👉 Colored display Rear disc brakes
    • 👉 Easy 3sec. folding and unfolding mechanism
    • 👉 Easy to carry anywhere
    • 👉 Durable built despite the lightweight
    • 👉 Max range depends on factors like rider weight and speed
    • 👉 Fits small space for storage
    • 👉 Great, responsive customer service


    Add too, a lot of wholesome moments, unforgettable, enjoyable “experiences” – bonding with family and friends. For young Kiwi scooterists, the Mearth S 2023 edition just might be the ideal, value-for-money, entry-level, commuter e-scooter they will truly need to get things done, go quickly to nearby places and have fun while riding freely. (www.mearth.co.nz)