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Mearth Crosses Over to New Zealand


New Zealand is a stone’s throw away from cosmopolitan Australia, you know, the neighboring, thriving and pristine island country which bears the Maori name Aotearoa which means “land of the long white cloud.” It an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, encompassing two landmasses -- the North Island and the South Island. Wellington is the capital city, and the largest urban area is Auckland, with both cities located on the North Island. It’s also the home of ‘middle earth’. Remember the movie “The Hobbit”? 

According to strat.govt.nz, New Zealand's population as of June 2022 is estimated at 5,124,100 (2,542,800 are males and 2,581,200 are females). The median age of males and females was 37.0 and 39.1 years, respectively. The people proudly call themselves “kiwi” (singular or plural).

New Zealand now becomes the scenic backdrop to the arrival of MEARTH, Australia’s renowned and well-loved homegrown brand of high-quality and top-performing, best electric scooters and entering with optimism the kiwi market. Mearth offers basic, entry level, commuter, to long range and on-and-off-road heavy duty electric scooters.

Today, e-scooters are increasing in popularity globally. Many can be seen riding to work or school, looking cool and poised. As long as riders comply with road rules and regulations, they’re a lot safer than personal cars and can save one good money too. 

Why are electric scooters getting to be so popular in New Zealand? Here are seven indisputable reasons why: 


1. Electric scooters are environment-friendly

If you’re environment-conscious, welcome to the ‘club’. E-scooters don’t use any fuel. They run on batteries, so they don’t give off any toxic fumes or residues. Go green as much you want riding your electric scooter and do your part in helping reduce pollution. It is one good incentive already.  


2. You get to enjoy the savings

There’s no stopping fuel prices from rising. Not now, not ever. Ride an electric scooter, and avoid getting stressed wasting hundreds of dollar just to gas up, or get frustrated because you’re late, waiting of the frequently delayed bus to arrive. Since electric scooters for adults run on batteries, they can go up to 40 miles, depending on the e-scooter model, road conditions, weather, and the rider’s weight, without the need for frequent charging. 


 3.  Save on precious time

Electric scooters are designed to be compact and portable so they do not contribute to traffic congestion or squeeze into crowded parking lots. Mearth’s sleek and lightweight S Pro commuter electric scooter can easily zip thru busy roads, unaffected and stress-free. The rider gets to the destination faster. Mearth e-scooters are easy to use, maneuver, navigate and proven energy-efficient. 


 4.  Portability translates to convenience

Portability is an important advantage, especially to first and last mile commuters. Mearth’s high-performing commuter electric scooters are lightweight, weighing only 13.5 kg and easily folds in a matter of seconds. As such, it can be easily carried to ride a bus. Store it under a seat to be later unfolded after disembarking. And the rider can go happily on his way to his destination.


   5. Affordable

The upfront one-time cost of buying an electric scooter is an upside because of its affordable price. Definitely costing a lot lower than a car, a motorcycle, or mountain bike, it’s another plus factor is the low maintenance cost. In case something breaks down, it can be replaced with available parts that won’t cost you an arm or a leg to buy.


 6.  Your safety comes first 

Mearth takes pride in exhausting measures and efforts at building, innovating, enhancing and improving safety features to provide a superior quality, reliable and durable electric scooter that will help ensure the rider’s safety in every trip -- from dual brake system, LED lights, suspension, shock absorbers, firm stem and handle bar grip, and more. 


 7.  It’s a fun way to be fit – on the move

Inside and out, you will experience the benefits of getting fit. Improve your balance, body coordination and tone those muscles with every turn. Riding upright on your e-scooter will help you to work on your posture, too. And even as you focus on where you’re going, your appreciation of nature is unhampered as the gentle breeze caresses your skin while you whiz through paths and streets. It’s a mood enhancer too. Slowly and surely, your mind and body will reap the benefits.  


Knowing the whys, know how to get your very own Mearth e-scooter soonest.  

Mearth electric scooters are not one of those flash-in-the-pan fads. The kick scooters have transitioned at the turn of the century and later transformed into state-of-the-art electric scooters. Mearth are high-performing, cutting-edge electric scooters equipped with ultra-modern features and functions that cater to, respond to, and satisfy a diverse commuter’s needs. For more details on how to get your very own Mearth electric scooter, visit our website.