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Your Last Chance to Win Big with Macca’s Monopoly: Grab Your Mearth Electric Scooter!

Your Last Chance to Win Big with Macca’s Monopoly: Grab Your Mearth Electric Scooter!

 Last Hurrah for Macca's Monopoly Campaign

The clock is ticking, and the countdown to the end of the much-anticipated Macca's Monopoly campaign is in its final days. The last eligible purchase date is fast approaching, with October 24, 2023, as the cutoff. If you haven't joined the frenzy yet, now is the time to make your move and seize the opportunity to win incredible prizes, including the future-forward Mearth New Zealand Electric Scooters.

The Spectacular Prize Pool

The Macca's x Monopoly campaign boasts a dazzling prize pool worth a staggering $296 million. 

Among these tempting rewards, the chance to win a Mearth electric scooter stands out. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because there’s a list that goes on and on, on the prizes you can win from!

How to Participate in Macca's Monopoly

Participating in the Macca's Monopoly campaign is a breeze. Here's how to get in on the action:

Make a Purchase

Visit any participating McDonald's restaurant and purchase eligible products. Keep your eyes peeled for the Monopoly game pieces on the packaging.

Reveal Your Prize

Once you have your game piece, peel it off to reveal your message. It could be an instant win, a collect-to-win, or a chance card, each offering its unique rewards.

Scan and Play

To see if you've won, download the Monopoly at Macca’s Game on the MyMacca’s App. Use the app to scan your game piece, and it will guide you through the process to determine if you're a winner.

Important Points to Remember

As you embark on your journey to win, keep these important points in mind:

Promotion Period

The Macca's Monopoly campaign runs from September 6, 2023, to October 29, 2023. Eligible purchases can be made until October 24, 2023, so mark your calendar to ensure you don't miss out.

Retain Physical Game Pieces

Hold onto your physical game pieces, as they are required to claim your prize.

No Transferring

Game pieces cannot be transferred, sold, or swapped, so ensure you play fair and square.

Prize Notification

For instant food prizes, you can claim them directly. For other prizes, follow the instructions on the MyMacca’s app. Some lucky winners might also receive notifications via phone or email.

Deadline for Claims

Make sure to submit your prize claim within the promotional period to secure your winnings.

Types of Tickets to Watch Out For

As you play Macca's Monopoly, you'll come across various types of tickets with unique characteristics:

Instant Win Ticket (Food Prize)

Instantly satisfy your food cravings by redeeming these tickets at a McDonald’s outlet before October 29, 2023. For electronic tickets, use the "redeem" option in the app to indulge in delicious treats.

Instant Win Ticket (Non-Food Prize)

Discover amazing non-food prizes and claim them by selecting “REDEEM” on the app. Fetch the unique prize code and follow the prompts. Ensure all necessary personal details are provided, and if you're under 18, secure parental consent.

Collect to Win Prize

These tickets carry Monopoly property names. The goal is to collect a set of properties to win substantial prizes. Always keep the physical tickets handy, even if they've been scanned into the app.

Chance Card/Contingency Card

These cards unlock promotional games on the app. By playing these games, you'll unveil either a digital Instant Win Ticket or a Collect to Win Ticket.

The Chest

Gather five unused Collect to Win Tickets, and you'll unlock the Community Chest, a trove of Instant Win Food Prizes and Non-Food Prizes. Just remember, there's a limit of 10 Chest opens per player.

A Lasting Experience with Macca's x Monopoly

The Macca’s x Monopoly collaboration isn't just a game; it's an experience of a lifetime. Every move brings you closer to winning, making it a game where losing is not an option. The expansive prize pool includes the futuristic Mearth New Zealand Electric Scooters and countless other treasures from renowned brands.

Get to Know Mearth Electric Scooters Cause You’ll Win Them!

Mearth Electric Scooters, known for their commitment to safety and speed, are among the most coveted prizes in the Macca's Monopoly campaign. Remember always to wear the approved helmet and safety gear for maximum protection when riding these fantastic scooters.

The last days of the Macca's Monopoly campaign are upon us, and it's your final chance to win fantastic prizes, including the coveted Mearth electric scooter. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to add a touch of fun and adventure to your life. Hurry to your nearest McDonald's, grab your Monopoly game pieces, and dive into the thrill of Macca's Monopoly. It's time to make your last hurrah count!

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