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It’s All in the Batteries



It’s evident, the quantity of electric scooters have increased in recent years due to its growing popularity, but quality still takes superiority because this determines the longevity, strength, power and safety of the e-scooter. Without a doubt, the performance of an e-scooter relies heavily on the quality of the parts in the e-scooter.


And Mearth, the Pioneer in Australian Electric Scooters – which has now opened its newest branch in New Zealand – takes pride in this because even in the beginning, this brand promised not to skimp, to never compromise on the quality of their e-scooter, especially the battery. That is why it is also the leading manufacturer of electric scooters today. If there’s any reason why, it’s all in the batteries and Mearth only goes for the best kind.


What battery does Mearth Electric Scooters carry?

In the world of batteries, the battery categorized as 18650 has always been the choice for years and years on. This cylindrical battery is small but powerful and has been used in almost everything, you name it, like from laptops to electric cars. As of writing, Mearth is still using the 18650 for the rest of its e-scooter lines and the more advanced 21700 on Mearth GTS Evo Max and Mearth Cyber. But as technology never stops, Mearth is slowly adapting to the newer battery version, the 4680. It is in the process.

The 4680 battery is larger in size, with an increased diameter and height (46mm x 80mm dimension as compared to 18650’s dimension 18mm x 65mm), it is more advanced in volume and voltage carrying more power. The 4680 battery is the next big thing in energy storage.

Volume, Voltage, Capacity and Cycle Life of 4680-type cylindrical lithium-ion battery

  • Volume: 132884.8 cubic mm
  • Voltage: 3.7V (relatively high nominal voltage with 18650 that has 3.2 – 3.7V)
  • Capacity: estimated 8000mAh (compared to 18650’s 5000mAh)
  • Cycle life: between 1000 – 2000 cycles depending on the nature of charging (compared to 18650 having between 1500 – 4000 charge and discharge cycles)

The 4680 battery is top-of-the-line, that’s why it works wonders, especially with its performance. Since the cell capacity of a 4680 battery is 5 times higher than previous battery models, it has a higher peak performance level yet only needs fewer cells to provide the same capacity.

The Process of Mearth

Mearth did it all, conducting extensive research and testing on various battery types and brands until they found the best. Through this process, Mearth was able to narrow down the options and establish partnerships with high-quality battery cell suppliers who could meet the requirements Mearth seeked for.

The research and testing process really involved evaluating factors such as performance, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Mearth's team of experts even tested different battery types, until realizing lithium-ion is the best to work with for e-scooters.

But it wasn't at all easy, Mearth still remembers working with the most reputable battery cell suppliers and how it faced challenges since it started as a small-scale company and there were limitations. But Mearth wasn’t going to give up, even if it meant sleepless nights and long hours.

All these efforts because Mearth understood the importance of having a reliable and high-performing battery for its electric scooters, and there was no other option. Today, Mearth believes it was well worth-it to go through a rigorous process just to find the best suitable battery for their e-scooters and be where they are today.

Mearth's commitment to finding the best battery for their e-scooters is a testament to their dedication to providing their customers with the best quality and most reliable products. They set a high standard for other e-scooter manufacturers to follow. And even until today, Mearth doesn’t stop. Mearth doesn’t stop getting better and doing better. Mearth still continues to monitor and evaluate new battery technologies and innovations to ensure that they are using the best available options for their products.

Mearth knew looking for the right battery is crucial for any electric vehicle, especially for e-scooters, which rely entirely on their battery for power. And a high-performing battery together with a powerful motor, ensures that the e-scooter can travel longer distances, with faster speeds, and without compromising on safety.

Mearth’s efforts to go far and beyond for batteries, is Mearth’s effort to provide people with the best environmentally-friendly electric-scooter. Their goal is always to provide sustainable and efficient ways to get around without causing damage to our beautiful world.