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Is Mearth the E-Scooter For Me, A Kiwi Asked



Having learned that a new player in the electric scooter industry has landed in his beloved Aotearoa, the immediate query is, how is Mearth different from the rest? "Why will I buy an e-scooter? Why will I buy a Mearth electric scooter?"

Well, yes, firstly, buying an e-scooter is a good idea, as it encourages you to move around, explore the city, or you can just have some fun. 

On days that you find yourself often feeling stressed out, have anxious thoughts, feeling somewhat lost perhaps, getting an E-Scooter is all you need. Sometimes, we have that predilection. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to check on your budget and make sure that you understand how much will such a unit actually cost.

One thing to notice about e-scooters is that the quality and features provided by a particular model will most likely dictate the price. Some brands can be exorbitantly high, while others are average, but the quality is not up to par. 

The impression is usually, when you want a higher quality e-scooter, you do need to pay more. Getting the best value from your money doesn’t have to pinch till it hurts. Mearth electric scooters are superior in quality, high-performing, top-tier e-scooters that are a byword, and very popular in Australia.

Mearth is an established Australian homegrown brand since 2017, and it's well-loved and esteemed among peers.

In reaching out to a new country close to its founder and ceo's heart, Ming Ye, its aim is to the win the hearts of Kiwis too. 

The answer to the next question, if you are but starting to learn to ride an electric scooter? Then the Mearth S entry-level commuter e-scooter is ideal for you. At a price that won’t make you flinch, you’ll grow to love this rideable. It costs only $699. Plus the customer support is really superbly professional and attentive.  

These things never go out of style. So, go for quality, durability and performance. It’s your best gauge as to how excellent your electric scooter would perform, responding to your maneuvers while on the road. Mearth, a renowned Australian brand and maker of cutting-edge electric scooters carry their best proof of recommendation – above par product quality that gets customer satisfaction, everytime.

For more options, visit www.mearth.com.au. You will be able to access Mearth’s state-of-the-art, amazing scooter models easier, faster. Mearth believes that value and quality are extremely important, and at the same time, the company is also confident that customers should get good value for their money. Nothing less. 

When you check out the Mearth website, you will be able to glean the high quality components, be impressed with Mearth’s e-scooters’ safety guarantees, the outstanding features of each model, namely – the entry-level, commuter Mearth S Series, the ultimate long-range RS Series, the on-and-off-road, heavy duty GTS EVO Series, and the futuristic Mearth Cyber. Innovative, leading-edge concept, durability, superior, above par performance – everything in a really good package.

Easy to maneuver, easy to navigate, the Mearth S commuter e-scooter is easy to use and you can ride it anytime you want. It’s your best bet for going on short, quick errands, meetings, or cruising around the city, on a warm, sunny day, including commuting daily to work. 

The general idea here is to know exactly what you need to be doing on a regular basis, and what you expect from your e-scooter to do. Earth’s team of experts can readily assist you on getting the appropriate electric scooter that fits you best. 

If you are a rider already, do you want to use an electric scooter on a daily basis, say, extended travel or for long rides? The most practical choice is the Mearth RS Pro, the ultimate long-range electric scooter. Again, the cost is user-friendly -- only $1,299.

It’s sturdy, reliable and won’t fail you n your extended trips, especially with the extra hot swappable batteries on hand to give your travels that extra mileage boost. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by brands flooding the market. Remember that quality, durability and proven performance raises the bar, including the rider’s confidence. 

Choose wisely, follow New Zealand’s road rules and especially its ‘Road to Zero” call, wherever the road leads you, as you enjoy the trip – and you’ll be a safe, happy rider, each time!