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How the First Australian Electric Scooter Arrived in New Zealand

How the First Australian Electric Scooter Arrived in New Zealand

Once Upon a Time in Australia

In this fast-paced world we live in today, the need for convenience has never been more important. It’s what the world is all about, comfort and convenience – and this was exactly why Ming Ye, the visionary behind the game-changing Mearth electric ride, started the ride revolution in the Land Down Under. Today, the company’s growth has undeniably sky rocketed and now you can find Mearth electric scooters in New Zealand.

Where It All Began

Ming’s journey began in the bustling streets of Sydney, Australia, where his frustration with the existing transportation options ignited a spark to make a difference out of necessity. 

Necessities often have the power to transform lives and make the world a better place and indeed Ming's quest for a better mode of transport led to the birth of Mearth, now a pioneer in the world of electric scooters. Mearth today offers electric scooters for sale that are fast, convenient, and eco-friendly.

The Electric Scooter Journey

Ming Ye, a 1st generation Australian citizen and Mechatronics Engineer, embarked on a journey of change when he moved to the vibrant city of Sydney to pursue his studies at the University of Sydney (USYD). Like any student, he initially relied on public transport, but it was far from ideal. Expensive fares, long waits, and unexpected delays made his daily commute a hassle.

In his second year at USYD, Ming decided to get a car, thinking it would solve his commuting woes. Little did he know that the road ahead was filled with traffic jams, full parking lots, and skyrocketing fuel prices. Moreover, the environmental toll of car emissions weighed heavily on his conscience. It was clear that owning a car wasn't the answer. Because of Ming’s struggle and his belief that there had to be a better way, this fueled the birth of an idea in 2015.

A Revolutionary Idea Takes Shape

In 2016, Mearth was officially established, setting in motion a ride revolution just as Ming dreamt of. Ming's background in Mechatronics Engineering proved to be the key in developing Mearth's electric scooters. He was captivated by the simplicity yet vast potential of e-scooters, seeing a world of possibilities beyond the existing market offerings.

A Love Story with Electric Scooters

Ming's fascination with electric scooters was like love at first sight. He saw the untapped potential for improvement in this emerging industry. With electric scooters being relatively new to the Australian market at the time, Ming worked tirelessly to enhance the technology. His unwavering belief was summed up in his declaration, "I am confident electric scooters will be the future of transportation." And so, the journey to change the world, one electric scooter at a time, began in Australia.

True Love

Ming's determination was unshakeable, it was true love for him. Even when faced with the challenges of dealing with suppliers and supply chain disruptions, his love never wavered. He kept on, building the perfect electric scooter prototype no matter the required immense effort. Together with Ming was his dedicated team who pushed forward towards the goal. It was a true team effort, combining individual expertise, countless trials, testing, research, and refinement.

Keeping the Faith

Through the storms and struggles, Mearth persevered. Today, the company stands tall, a testament to Ming's dream turned into reality. Mearth has become a leading player in the Australian market, with the resources to drive innovation further. And when Ming heard about New Zealand’s drive for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle for its people – he acted on this country’s desire immediately. And that is how the first Australian electric scooter is now readily available in New Zealand, the neighboring country of Australia. 

True to say that the Ming and the Mearth team’s efforts have paved the way for a more comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly mode of transport, even all th way to the Land of the Long White Cloud. Plus, these electric scooters for sale from Mearth offer a fun, fast, and eco-friendly solution for everyone, from students to adults, seeking a more convenient way to get around. Join the electric scooter revolution today and experience the future of transportation!

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