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How Electric Scooters Are Influencing the Lifestyle and Habits of Kiwis

How electric scooters are influencing the lifestyle and habits of Kiwis

Who doesn’t know it? Electric scooters are a form of micro-mobility, which is the practice of using lightweight vehicles, primarily electric scooters, for short distance transportation. 


As a matter of observation, electric scooters are obviously influencing the lifestyle and inclination of Kiwis in various aspects.  


How is this so? Through convenience. Electric scooters can be purchased from various online or physical stores, ranging from $699 to $3,899 depending on the model, features, and quality (see www.mearth.co.nz). 


In New Zealand, electric scooters can either be bought and privately owned, or be rented from shared mobility platforms for a small fee per minute or per ride. 


Another observation: Foldability. Because these rideables can be folded and carried around easily, they are ideal for commuting to work, school, or going to other destinations in New Zealand. 

Another observation: It is already a given that e-scooters can help the rider save money on fuel, parking, public transport, or taxi fares. One study by the Auckland Transport, e-scooter users saved an average of $14 per week on transport costs compared to non-users. (source: https://www.ridemango.co.nz/).


And yet another aspect is its environmental friendliness. Since electric scooters run on electricity, they do not emit any harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants that contribute to climate change and air pollution. 


Also, electric scooters do not take up much space, unlike than cars, buses, and other four-wheel drive vehicles. So they can even help ease the traffic pressure on busy roads, thus improving the flow of traffic. 


One blog highlighted hat about 34 percent of e-scooter users in New Zealand said they replaced a car trip with an e-scooter ride at least once a week. Hurray! then if electric scooters can potentially reduce the number of vehicles on the road that are associated with carbon footprint.


An unexpected but important observation is on health improvement. While electric scooters may not seem like a strenuous exercise, do you know that they do require some physical effort and coordination to balance, steer, brake, and accelerate while riding? 


Electric scooters can also increase the heart rate and burn calories, especially when riding uphill or against the wind. This is according to a study by Auckland University of Technology where e-scooter users burned an average of 134 calories per ride, which is equivalent to walking for 30 minutes. How’s that for getting into the pink of health, easily? There is no limit to electric scooters’ benefits, particularly in improving one’s mental health. The sense of freedom, fun, and adventure is what keeps ‘em seniors riding electric scooters! The anticipation of exploring new places, enjoy a breathtaking scenery, and the opportunity to socialize with others. One’s happy hormones are having a great time indeed after riding an e-scooter. 


Today’s electric scooters are not only an alternative mode of transportation, but a way of expressing one's personality and individuality. 


They come in various colors, designs, and features to suit different tastes and preferences. Some Kiwis customize their electric scooters with stickers, lights, or accessories so as to make them unique and more attractive. 


So, how are electric scooters influencing the lifestyle and habits of Kiwis -- in positive ways? 


Well, you already read and probably even witnessed first-hand, those very observations mentioned.  


Electric scooters are fast, convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, and fun modes of transportation that can save time and money, reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, improve physical and mental health, and express cultural identity. They are easy to maintain too and do not require much space for storage. 


The best part is that Mearth, a renowned Australian brand of superior quality, top-tier, high-performing electric scooters are imbued with the same characteristics that are compatible with and attuned to the culture and values of New Zealanders who value innovation, sustainability, and their well-being.