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Exciting Electric Scooter Adventures this School Holiday in New Zealand

Exciting Electric Scooter Adventures this School Holiday in New Zealand


As New Zealand's school term takes a pause around late September, it brings along a whirlpool of excitement and opportunities for kids to unwind and families to bond. This usual two-week holiday period sees families meticulously planning vacations and crafting unforgettable experiences for their children. 


What better way to inject fun into these adventures than to introduce the exhilarating experience of cruising on the best e-scooter available in the market, the Mearth electric scooter.


An Electric Scooter for Every Member of the Family

In a bid to ensure that every member of the family, from the young ones to the adults, enjoys this thrilling experience, Mearth offers a range of e-scooters tailored to suit different age groups and expertise levels.

Mearth RS: The Go-To E-Scooter for Parents

The Mearth RS e-scooter stands tall as a favorite e-scooter for adults, known for it being the ultimate long-range electric scooter. With a maximum speed of 40 kph and an impressive range of 60-65 km per charge, it makes for the perfect companion for parents to explore and venture out into picturesque locales. The 2023 upgrades boasting red wheels and more power output for farther distances enhance its efficiency, making it a durable and reliable choice for adults.

Mearth S Pro: Ideal for the Older Kids

Molded to be the go-to e-scooter for older kids, the Mearth S Pro e-scooter promises a safe yet thrilling ride with a top speed of 32 kph and a robust 350W motor. The latest upgrades assure a smoother and more efficient ride, encouraging older kids to foster a love for outdoor adventures.

Mearth S: The Entry-Level Electric Scooter for Kids and Beginners

Younger kids and beginners aren't left out of the fun, thanks to the classic Mearth S electric scooter. Crafted to be the entry-level electric scooter for kids aged 14 and above, it presents a gentle introduction to the world of e-scooters with an easy-to-handle 350W motor. Light in weight weighing only 12.5 kg which is the lightest e-scooter in all the Mearth series, offers a burst of speed up to 32 kph, as it stands as the gateway to exciting and safe adventures during the holiday.

Remember, safety first! When riding your favorite electric scooter, always wear an approved helmet and safety gear for ultimate safety.

Forge Unforgettable Memories This Holiday

This school holiday, encourage your children to step out and explore the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand. Best scenario is to join them, create a bonding that makes good memories to last. Whether it's a ride through the serene parks or a family ride down the neighborhood lanes, the Mearth electric scooters promise a bundle of joy and excitement.

Sustainability Meets Fun

As families gravitate towards eco-friendly vacation options, the Mearth electric scooters emerge as the front runners, offering a green yet exhilarating mode of transport. Affordable and durable, these sensational electric scooters ensure that the fun is never at the expense of the environment.

We are Family

As September unfurls the perfect canvas of holiday joy, make the best of it with your family by choosing the Mearth electric scooters, a range designed to cater to every family member's adventure spirit. Safe, reliable, and incredibly fun, it guarantees to turn the school holidays into a series of unforgettable adventures woven with laughter, speed, and a breeze of freshness. Step into a world of fun and excitement this holiday, only with Mearth.


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