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Electric Scooters or Bikes? 7 Reasons to Help You Choose

Electric Scooters or Bikes? 7 Reasons to Help You Choose

What will it be? Electric scooters or bikes?  

 You see, both electric scooters and bikes have their own positive and not so positive points, so it would depend on you, as the buyer and rider, and what your needs and preferences are. 

To have clarity, check the following: 

1. Cost: E-scooters sold in Australia are generally cheaper than electric bikes, both in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. Mearth e-scooters have hot-swappable batteries so your don’t need to cut short your trip just to recharge.

2. Speed: Speed would actually depend on the rider's weight, terrain, wind and traffic conditions. The e-scooter has higher speed and can go faster than electric bikes, as they can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h or more, while electric bikes are usually limited to 25 km/h or less, by law. Electric scooters can also accelerate faster than electric bikes, as they do not require pedalling or shifting gears. E-scooters are great timesavers, helping the rider avoid traffic jams by easily swooshing through busy streets.

3. Comfort: Electric scooters may have smaller wheels, less suspension, and that’s cool! Why? Take for example Mearth’s heavy duty, on-and-off terrain GTS Max Evo electric scooters (seats are optional) with pneumatic tires absorb shocks and vibrations. They can make the rider comfortable especially on rough , uneven roads or long rides. 

 4. Maneuverability: The right description is nimble. Electric scooters are more agile and responsive than bikes or electric bikes, as they have smaller wheels, lighter frames and shorter wheelbases which makes it easier to maneuver them. Electric scooters can also turn quickly and easily than electric bikes, as they have a lower center of gravity and a tighter turning radius. Add to that, electric scooters can handle bumps and curbs better than electric bikes, as they have suspension systems and pneumatic tires that absorb shocks and vibrations. 

Electric scooters can comfortably help the rider navigate the city easily, smoothly. 

5. Portability: Because they’re lighter, smaller and foldable, like Mearth electric scooters are, they are portable. Easy to carry, store and transported in public transport, cars or elevators, they can be folded and placed in the office’s small corner. On the other hand, bikes and electric bikes are heavier, bulkier and harder to fold or carry, which results in can limiting the rider’s mobility and convenience.

 6. Safety: On this area, both electric scooters and bikes pose safety risks, such as potential accidents, injuries, thefts, and yes, even petty vandalism. Depending on the state or region in Australia, electric scooters are less regulated and not totally accepted by the law and the public. Bike and electric bikes don’t have such issues.

 7. Versatility: Now how are electric scooters more versatile than electric bike? Both the e-scooter and e-bike or bike can be used for different purposes and occasions – either for commuting, leisure, recreation, fitness or delivery purposes. 



People of different ages, weight and size (or build) can use and ride them. 

One clear advantage of electric scooters is that they do not require a license or training to operate, while electric bikes may require a license or training, again, depending on the state or territory. 

Did you know that e-scooters can also be customized and accessorized with various features and gadgets, such as lights, horns, speakers or phone holders? The fun part of ‘dressing up’ one’s rideable does not stop there.  

Electric scooters can help its riders enjoy a variety of activities and experiences on the road – meeting and getting acquainted with new friends, sharing riding experiences, or bonding with relatives and friends.

Obviously, electric scooters have many advantages over bikes or electric bikes in Australia – from lower cost, to higher speed, better maneuverability, greater portability, to comfort, including higher versatility. 

For urban dwellers who want a convenient, fun and eco-friendly way of getting around the city, and sometimes trek on new, less traveled terrain, electric scooters are ideal (log on to www.mearth.com.au to know more). 

So, what will it be?

True, true. Electric scooters have many advantages over electric bikes in Australia -- like lower cost to purchase, higher speed, better maneuverability, greater portability, superior versatility. 

And those living in the city may want to have a fast, convenient, economical and less constricting way of getting around. An e-scooter is a good and eco-friendly alternative. 

Amid issues on the electric scooters’ potential hazard, the same can be said about bikes and electric bikes. There are safety risks and less regulation too.  

Therefore, the ultimate choice of getting an electric scooter or bike hinges on one’s personal preference, need or priority, budget, lifestyle and goal. 

Contemplating on buying a personal mobility device? Before making a decision, research more about the product, brand model, so you’ll be better informed and satisfied to get the best one that will truly suit your need, whatever that is.  

Remember and follow road rules, ride safely. Have fun, enjoy your road trip!