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Chase the Eerie Excitement with the Mearth S Electric Scooter this Halloween

Chase the Eerie Excitement with the Mearth S Electric Scooter this Halloween

The newest branch of the renowned Mearth Australia is now in New Zealand, and it is all set to electrify your adventures even into the land of the eerie.

Introducing the Mearth S Electric Scooter, also known as the Simple Electric Scooter. This entry-level electric scooter is the perfect companion for young adventurers in New Zealand who are ready to dive into an eerie world of spooky wonders at Hauntingly Historic Halloween. Let's embark on a thrilling journey!

Hauntingly Historic Halloween: A Spooky Spectacle Awaits

Are you ready for a hair-raising adventure in the heart of New Zealand? Hauntingly Historic Halloween is the place to be. The journey begins by riding your cool e-scooter and collecting your Halloween map/passport from Visitor Services at Rutherford's Den, located at the Clock Tower, 2 Worcester Boulevard, from 5.30 pm. This passport is your key to unlocking the eerie world that awaits you.

An Invitation to Little Ghosts and Goblins

If you're a young adventurer looking for an unforgettable experience, you're in for a treat. This event is specially designed to captivate the imagination of our littlest ghosts and goblins. Step into the creepy corridors, explore spooky outdoor spaces, and climb the stairs of Te Matatiki Toi Ora, The Arts Centre.

A Map to the Unknown

Follow your Halloween map as it leads you through the eerie journey. Be prepared for creepy surprises, mysterious twists, and haunting turns. With each step, you'll delve deeper into a world of spookiness and history, where the past meets the paranormal.

Collect the Stamps, Claim Your Reward 

As you make your way through this spine-tingling adventure, collect all the stamps on your Halloween map/passport. Once you've braved every shiver-inducing moment, return with your map and claim a well-deserved goody bag at the end. It's a test of bravery, and only those who make it to the end will receive their reward.

Dare to Discover the Ghosts of the Past

Join if you dare, as we unveil the ghosts of the past at Hauntingly Historic Halloween. Scoot your way and experience Halloween like never before where history blends with the supernatural, ensuring a thrilling adventure that will leave you with stories to tell for years to come.

Spot Prizes for the Best Dressed

And don't forget to dress up! The best-dressed ghouls and goblins stand a chance to win spot prizes. Let your creativity run wild, and you might just be rewarded for your eerie ensemble.

Ghoulish Grooves in the Disco Room

Are you ready to get your ghoulish groove on? The disco room is where you can dance the night away to spooky beats. Rain or shine, the party never stops, and neither will your haunting fun. Maybe even meet new friends. How spook-tacular!

Safety First! Your Journey Starts with Responsibility

Before you embark on your eerie adventure, remember that speeding is a powerful responsibility. Safety always comes first. Ensure you wear the approved Mearth helmet and safety gear to safeguard yourself at all times. It's the key to a worry-free adventure that promises maximum protection.

The Mearth S Electric Scooter - Your Ticket to Thrills and Chills

So, why not add an extra thrill to your journey to Hauntingly Historic Halloween with the Mearth S Electric Scooter? It's more than just a mode of transportation; it's your ticket to a spine-tingling adventure. With its eco-friendly design, sleek style, and affordability, it's the perfect ride for young adventurers looking to make their mark on New Zealand's spookiest celebration.

Don't miss your chance to experience an unforgettable Halloween adventure. Grab your Mearth S Electric Scooter and prepare to unearth the eeriest and most exciting event of the year. Are you brave enough to join in?