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Black Sheep Trading and Mearth NZ Forge Partnership

 Black Sheep Trading and Mearth NZ Forge Partnership

This particular online store called Black Sheep Trading NZ which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand recently inked a partnership with Mearth NZ. Indeed, good things are coming up. 

Black Sheep Trading will be distributing Mearth S and S Pro premium quality and hi-performing electric scooters in New Zealand, catering to the teens and commuters looking for top-notch yet affordable commuter electric scooters. 

Black Sheep Trading's online store now sells Mearth S and S Pro commuter scooters, in addition to other personal mobility devices like electric bikes, hoverboards and other accessories.

Called the Mearth S Series, the S and S Pro, commuter e-scooters feature new red wheels for easy distinction and recognition. Lightweight, foldable and portable, the S Series are designed to help the beginner gain confidence while riding, as they're feeling their way around, and leisurely traveling within city limits. 

The Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg while the Mearth S Pro weighs 15 kg. Both are compact and portable. Top speed of Mearth S is 25 k/h while the S Pro is 45/h. New brushless motor 8x for more efficiency, yet same power consumption.



Black Sheep Trading

The Mearth S Series electric scooters make travelling more convenient for commuters. The compact Mearth S Series is also a notable contender for long-range riding, given its swappable battery system. The easy and quick switchable battery system enables riders to extend their trips as long as they need. Carrying multiple batteries allows one to double or triple one’s range whenever and wherever. Overall, Mearth makes sure that e-scooter riders can travel farther and further, mindful and enjoying it.

 Black Sheep Trading provides free shipping on orders that exceed $99. They also offer a 12-month warranty, a 30-day return policy and, flexible payment options.

Let's welcome Black Sheep trading -- they are now amongst Mearth's roster of top retail partners in New Zealand.