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Action Tech, in Partnership with Mearth NZ

Action Tech, in Partnership with Mearth in NZ 

Action Tech, New Zealand’s popular online store that sells action cameras, drones, electric scooters, smart watches and other gadgets has recently signed an agreement with Mearth as a retail partner.


Action Tech now proudly offers the Mearth premium S and S Pro, Australia's pioneering and top-performing electric scooters to Kiwis and experienced e-scooterists alike.

The Mearth S Series, the S and S Pro, commuter e-scooters come with new red wheels for easy distinction and recognition.

 Lightweight, foldable compact and portable, the S Series are designed to help the beginner gain confidence while riding, feeling their way around town, and leisurely traveling within city limits. The Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg while the Mearth S Pro weighs 15 kg. The top speed of Mearth S is 25 k/h while the S Pro is 45/h. The new brushless motor has 8x more power for more efficiency, yet with the same power consumption.



Based in Auckland, Action Tech provides free shipping on orders for Mearth above $100, and with a 14-day return guarantee.

Let's welcome Action Tech, and anticipate lucrative times ahead.